Dual Citizenship Benefits

A second citizenship with a passport is a powerful tool for international tax planning and provides you with extra privacy, travel freedom and very importantly can be life saver in times of political unrest, civil war or terrorism. Second citizenship and residence programs are most sought by wealthy retirees, business investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals. With many countries in Europe and North America widely accepting dual nationality (USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland) would now be the time to start insuring your future?

Quite often picking the right country and location can be very difficult and below are the most important factors to consider before selecting your new citizenship nation. Our experience shows that you have to spend a little time in getting to know a country either by means of a short visit or by consultant with one of our experts. We will help you in your due diligence and would expect the same from you

Key Factors to consider for second citizenship:

  • Age and healthcare system
  • Family and Dependents
  • Country geographical location and climate
  • Political and Economic stability
  • High standards of living and world class infrastructure
  • Business Incorporation Benefits
  • Education for children
  • Privacy and Freedom in Living
  • Accomodation and living costs
  • Real estate investment and estate planning
  • Travel freedom to travel visa free
  • Choice of Investments
  • Efficient Tax planning to mitigate taxes such as income, wealth, inheritance and capital gains tax.
  • Residence permits and length of stay
  • Obtaining Citizenship
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Tax system and any double taxation treaties with your country
  • Education system for children
  • Overall cost of obtaining a residence permit
  • Travel freedom