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Our Exclusive Programmes (Royal Resorts Vacations)

“In association with Royal Resorts Vacations, Berkeley are in the unique position to benefit from an exclusive holding investor status in two locations that are believed to be the most liberating citizenship programmes currently available in the world”
In association withRoyal Resorts Vacations, Berkeley Citizenship are pleased to announce two new exciting and exclusive Citizenship via Investment programs for under $150,000 USD per applicant. Offering visa free entry to over 100 countries including full access to the EU our exclusive citizenship programmes are truly something to desire. Act fast! These investment opportunities are currently limited in availability and to ensure your chance of obtaining citizenship, you should contact us today for a preliminary discussion and to arrange an appointment with your dedicated consultant.

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Our Exclusive Limited Availability Programmes

All About

Our Exclusive Programme Benefits

  • Amongst the usual benefits you would associate with dual citizenship, some of the other key benefits with our exclusively licensed Royal Resorts Vacations programmes include:

    • Benefit from the most tax friendly regions in the world.
    • Offshore accounts and banking set-up assistance.
    • Visa free or instant approval upon entry to over 100 countries.
    • Full access to the European Union (EU).
    • No need to reside in the country.
    • Open to ALL nationalities.
    • Benefit from maintaining dual nationality.
    • Our local attorneys are available to assist you with the process.
    • Qualify for permanent and irrevocable citizenship.
    • Investment Programmes for under $150,000 USD

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  • We have kept the information on the website brief to provide you with only the common key areas of interest. However, if you would like more detailed information about one of our exclusives programmes and are happy to sign an NDA, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Our exclusive citizenship via investment programmes do have limited availability and we advise that you act fast and get in touch with us today to arrange an initial consultation with your dedicated representative.

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