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The country is located in the Mediterranean Sea, a short distance from Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Egypt. Cyprus enjoys an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle, beautiful beaches, 340 days of sunshine a year and welcoming friendly people in a relaxed environment. Cyprus offers a high standard of living, modern transport and infrastructure, excellent academic institutions (several accredited European Universities such as British), access to quality medical services, a stable government and a robust legal framework which is based on British law and fully harmonized with EU directives.

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The Cyprus Programme

  • Cyprus is currently the only European country which by law offers citizenship and passport in 3 months without having to live there at any point in time (the only fast track EU citizenship program). On the 24 May 2013, pursuant to subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2013, the Cyprus Government has enforced favourable immigration policies, further fostering a way of obtaining Cyprus Citizenship by Investment.

    Not only does Cyprus have the lowest and most favourable tax rates in Europe, it also has many tax exemptions for non-residents. In addition to this Cyprus is a favoured business destination for international companies for its strategically geographical location between Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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The Benefits

  • Amongst the usual benefits you would associate with dual citizenship, some of the other key benefits with the Cyprus programme include:

    • Investments start from just 2.5 Million Euros.
    • Residence permits from just 300,000 Euros.
    • Legal tax reductions and other tax benefits.
    • Enables your family to live in Cyprus only.
    • Open to all nationalities.
    • Few documents to be submitted with application forms.
    • Dual citizenship is allowed.
    • Access to well established EU healthcare systems.
    • Processing time normally 3-6 months.
    • Wife and children below age of 28 obtain citizenship
    • Free EU Country schooling & universities

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  • We have kept the information on the website brief to provide you with only the common key areas of interest. However, if you would like more detailed information about a particular programme please feel free to contact us!

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The Application Process

  • 1Step 1 (Introduction)

    Client signs retainer agreement with Berkeley Citizenship. Upon signature, the client then pays 50% of our professional fees. Reserves a property, paying a refundable deposit of 10,000 Euros into an Escrow Bank Account.

    2Step 2 (Initial Application)

    Once the documents are collected, we submit the application alongside with the Property, Sales and Purchase Agreement to the government. At this point the client must pay the balance of the property purchase price of into the escrow bank account.

    3Step 3 (Secure Payment)

    Simultaneously, the client signs bank forms to open a Deposit Account with the appointed international bank in Cyprus and transfers the required amount by law of 5,000,000 Euros.

  • 4Step 4 (Oath and Visit)

    Citizenship approval is received and the client with spouse must visit Cyprus for one day to take an oath of Allegiance in person and to receive Cypriot Citizenship Certificates and Passports.

    5Step 5 (Final Steps)

    At this stage the client pays the remaining 50% of Berkeley fees and government approval fees per applicant (for husband and wife). At this stage the funds will be released from the Escrow Account to the developer based on the Escrow Agreement and SPA.