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Dominican Republic (Royal Resorts Vacations)

“Royal Resorts Vacations, one of the worlds most elite vacations clubs, are offering a unique opportunity to acquire full citizenship” Not to be confused with the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries with it’s stunning mountain scenery, evocative colonial architecture and warm welcoming people. Also high on the list of key factors are a rapidly growing economy, increasing public demand, strong government investment and long term plans to significantly increase tourism. Royal Resorts Vacations delivers on all of these making it one of the most exciting and rewarding investment opportunities in the global overseas property market.

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The Royal Resorts Vacations Programme

  • The Royal Resorts Vacations Citizenship Programme was introduced into the Dominican Republic in 2012. Since its introduction the programme has seen Residency in the Dominican become the most cost effective and efficent in the World.Royal Resorts Vacations has a strategic alliance with the Centro de Exportacióne Inversionesde la República Dominicana (CEI-RD) a government agency, which has created the vehicle for a straight forward, hassle free Citizenship Programme. The entire process from start to finish takes approximately 4-6 months to complete with the investors and their spouse and children under the age of 18 receiving full residency in as little as 45 days. In addition to this, the Dominican Republic offers full anonymity for each successful applicant.

All About

The Benefits

  • Amongst the usual benefits you would associate with dual citizenship, some of the other key benefits with the Royal Resorts Vacations programme include:

    • Residency investments starting from $50,000 USD
    • 5* Hotel Real Estate Investment Starting from $200,000 USD including Citizenship/Passport.
    • Fast Track Citizenship/Passport with Real Estate Handover from 4 to 6 Months / Automatic Residency within 45 Days.
    • Own a 5* Luxury 1 Bedroom Freehold Beach Villa –Royal Resorts Vacations Hotel Resort
    • Royal Resorts Vacations Club Membership – 4 Weeks Per Annum (Royal Resorts Vacations 5* Global Resort Usage).
    • Full Legal & Processing, Escorting & Chauffeur Service provided throughout the Application Process from Start to Completion (two visits required).
    • Visa Free/On Arrival Access to over 50 countries globally.
    • Guaranteed 5% Net Return on Investment – 5 Year Plan.
    • No Property Maintenance/Service Cost – Net Return Tourism Option.
    • Unique Buy Back/Exit Strategy Option – 5 Year Plan.
    • Off Shore Personal & Company Setup/Banking – Tax Free Advantages.
    • No requirement to reside in country / No local language test requirements.
    • Investment Qualifies Family for Citizenship with only legal & processing fees for each additional individual passport required.
    • Irrevocable Citizenship/Passport for Life.
    • Complete Indemnity Provided / Dual Nationality Accepted.
    • Open to ALL Nationalities.
    • Automatic Birth Right Citizenship/Passport for future unborn generations/children.
    • Refund Guarantee – In the event the application is rejected by the government.
    • Free of Charge Berkeley Applicant Pre-Qualification Approval & Background Checks – Prior to commencement of any Service Agreement/Fund Transaction.
    • Passport holders can work within the Caribbean community.
    • Spouse and children receive residency in just 45 days.
    • Named one of the world’s happiest places to live, Incomparable lifestyle with a safe, natural environment.

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