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“Seamless, Organised and Diligent. These are the 3 words that I would use to describe both the management personnel and the rigorous processes that Berkeley follow to achieve results and obtain client satisfaction” Panama is a safe country with beautiful white beaches, excellent infrastructure, a modern, sophisticated capital city with every imaginable luxury, hundreds of multinational businesses and most importantly charming welcoming people. The Republic of Panama, between Colombia and Costa Rica, has a population of just over 3.4m and a land area of 76,000 sq km. The climate is tropical. Panama is a stable sovereign democracy with a presidential style of government. Spanish is the official language but English is a common second language spoken by most Panamanians. Panama’s currency is effectively the US dollar, with the official Balboa pegged to the dollar but used only for small transactions

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The Panama Programme

  • To obtain the Panama Passport by law it is required for a minimum investment of USD 350,000 into a fix deposit account with one of the Governmental banks in Panama or through channelled investments such as real estate. The passport granted is a Travel Passport which enables you to travel to 100 countries including the European Union and most of Latin America which is the same as any Panamanian national.

    Channelled investments can include the investment into property, a depository bank account or a slight mix of the two options. The deposited funds into a bank account belong to the applicant as well as the interests gained which are payable in a monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

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The Benefits

  • Amongst the usual benefits you would associate with dual citizenship, some of the other key benefits with the Panama programme include:

    • Investments start from just $350,000 USD.
    • Legal tax reductions and other tax benefits.
    • No investment risk – just deposit funds
    • You will earn interest on deposited funds
    • Visa free travel to major countries including Europe.
    • Second largest duty free zone in the world.
    • Wife, children (up to 25) and parents also benefit.
    • Reputable instant passport in just 2 – 3 months.
    • You do not need to reside in Panama.
    • You obtain immediate residency status.

Require more information?

  • We have kept the information on the website brief to provide you with only the common key areas of interest. However, if you would like more detailed information about a particular programme please feel free to contact us!

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The Application Breakdown

  • 1Step 1 (Introduction)

    Applicant signs Retainer Agreement and a Limited Power of Attorney for Berkeley to execute immigration proceedings in Panama and open the bank account. If required Berkeley will obtain tourist visa to travel at the time of collecting the passport.

    2Step 2 (Final Approval)

    Berkeley opens bank account and provides Client with official bank confirmation with account details. Applicant transfers required funds upon applicant confirmation of transfer. Berkeley obtain Bank Certificate for Immigration Department as part of Residency application documents.

  • 3Step 3 (Bank Account Opening)

    Once Berkeley obtains Residency and Passport approval the applicant will travel to Panama to get the picture taken and collect the passport in person. The applicants tourist visa would have been processed and ready at the time of travel.