Before you make a decision

Quite often picking the right country and location can be very difficult and you should seriously consider some key factors before selecting your chosen nation. Our experience shows that you have to spend a little time in getting to know a country, either by means of a short visit or by consulting with one of our experts before making an investment. Some key points to consider would include age and healthcare system, family dependents, political and economical stability, double taxation treaties with your country and travel freedom

The Benefits

Of Dual Citizenship

A second citizenship with a passport is a powerful tool for international tax planning and provides you with extra privacy, travel freedom and very importantly could be a life saver in times of political unrest, civil war or terrorism. Second citizenship and residence programs are most sought by wealthy retirees, business investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals. With many countries in Europe and North America widely accepting dual nationality (USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland), would now be the time to start insuring your future?

  • 1 Give Yourself Peace Of Mind

    By obtaining a instant and irrevocable citizenship, you are ensuring that your citizenship remains unaffected by any future changes to the Citizenship  Program. In addition to this, there is no need to adjust to a new country or expose yourself to financial risks, as well as potential social prejudices that can be associated with moving to a new country.

  • 2Family Security Tomorrow; Today!

    Start creating your legacy by obtaining citizenship by investment in a stable and democratic country. Live happily ever after in some of the happiest places as voted for by you. Open up academic possibilities for yourself and your children by gaining access to the world’s best schools, universities, internships, and postgraduate courses.

  • 3Endless Business Opportunites

    By being a dual national, you can register companies, real estate and other assets more easily and without intrusive investigations relating to your previous / other nationality. In addition to this, you can also garner from tax free earnings as there is no wealth, gift, inheritance, income or capital gains tax in the majority of our programs.

  • 4Visa Free Instant Travel!

    As a dual national, dependant upon the program, you will be immediately benefiting from Instant travel to 100+ countries. With more countries being added to the list including Schengen European countries, it’s no wonder that people are turning to dual nationality! What’s more, even if you need a visa the process is much shorter!


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