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“I share my gratitude in your smooth, clinical and professional conduct. You have truly lived up to the recommendation we were given and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours as an organisation – CEO of a Middle East BankOkay, so we are not the only international business consultants in the world. So why do high profile individuals return to Berkeley for assistance with citizenship programmes, offshore entities, financial consulting and more? We would summarise that the answer has to do with our breadth, our experience and our approach. Our team has expertise in every functional category in every important geographical location. We cater from local attorneys to financial planners, associate partners to management professionals – across from the Americas to Europe, from Africa to Asia, at Berkeley we work synergies from experienced executives adding value in knowing the exact channels to a successful application and approval across the globe.

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Berkeley Citizenship are your trusted consultants as you navigate the process of obtaining a second citizenship and becoming a dual national. Through due diligence, we make sure your forms are accurately completed and effectively followed up on a daily basis in order to expedite your application through all official channels in a timeless and effortless manner, allowing you the time to focus on your day to day business. In all states, a successful application is dependent on various key factors and our experience has ensured that we are rather acquainted with them all. We can assist you in how to present your profile to the different Governments in order to obtain positive results whilst pre-screening and thoroughly assessing your profile to identify any ‘weakness’ which could cause unnecessary delays. Making Berkeley, your number one choice for all citizenship and residency consultancy.

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The Benefits

Of Working With Berkeley Citizenship

Berkeley is a British established and privately owned firm with over 20 years’ experience across government application processing, immigration, citizenship, offshore planning, wealth management and real estate consultancy. We run a global network of qualified advisors and relationship managers, each of which can be provided with personal references at your disposal.  We operate exclusive master agency agreements through a series of government approved citizenship by investment schemes across the globe.

  • 1It’s simply just a matter of trust

    With duly signed NDA’s, our specialist service delivers long standing, trusted relationships, securing personal and financial security alongside the ability to conduct international business with ease. Our highly experienced consultants direct each case with the utmost discretion and due diligence, crafting citizenship and residence solutions that are specific to every intricacy of a client’s brief and chosen region.

  • 2We ensure smooth applications

    We understand that applying for an alternative citizenship can be a complex process. That is why we ensure that our service makes the application process as easy for our clients as possible and have multi-lingual consultants at hand. Our team of partners have a wealth of specialist experience and exemplary case knowledge, ensuring the process is navigated with the utmost due diligence, speed and efficiency.

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  • 3Global connections that deliver!

    Berkeley operate specialist cleared Due diligence pre-approval checks on citizenship applications prior to submission of funds to the developer or government donation. We can fast track immigration clearance and provide you with visa assistance when visiting our offices within the UAE. In addition to this, our global partners can offer legal and specialist financial advice along with preferential fixed rates across multi-currency financial transactions.


  • 4It’s all in the perks!

    At Berkeley, we go one step further with our clients through exclusive regional and international corporate hospitality event invitations. We also offer limousine collection with private drivers to collect you to and from your location and offer corporate booking rates with the 5* Fraser Suites. What’s more, we are accessible 24/7 upon application. Just a little something extra we like to offer!